About That Tea Cat


That Tea Cat Cross Stitch Cat Logo

I am a rather fluffy feline with tea in my veins. I like to nestle in small, warm places. My days are filled with napping and becoming tangled in various kinds of wool, string and yarn. By night I keep up my reputation as renowned huntress, slinking by as silent as the prey I stalk, seeing only by the light of the moon (and my excellent night vision, of course). Without me, would the world be safe? Who knows. It is not worth the risk to find out.

In an ideal world, all of the above would be true. However, I am, in fact, a mere human. My biology does not include tea (despite the copious volume that I drink). I do spend a fairly large amount of time napping in small, warm places, and can often be found wrapped up in some sort of wool. Alas, I am not a huntress. I fall over a lot and drop things regularly, so any silence-necessary work isn’t really my forte.

Sometimes I am very happy, and sometimes I am very sad, but as long as tea, cats and various crafty-arty-create-y things exist, I rest assured that although the world can be pretty rubbish, it is a bit lovely too.

“We’re all total bastards, us humans, but also totally wonderful.”

– Matt Haig


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