Beginnings and organisation

Wool pile

This is a story all about how my wool drawer got turned upside down, now I’d like to take a minute if you don’t mind, I’ve got about a thousand balls of wool I need to unwind…

So here it is – the first blog post! Here’s how I came to it:

Step 1) Stare at blank page
Step 2) Make tea
Step 3) Stare at blank page
Step 4) Wonder what could possibly be interesting enough to warrant a blog post
Step 5) Decide to give up and do some cross stitching
Step 6) On opening one of my ‘wool, thread, various stringy things’ drawers and seeing what a tangled mess it was, have EUREKA moment!

Of course! I shall write a riveting and exciting blog about tidying my wool drawers! That will be interesting, everyone wants to hear about the wonderful world of wool.

Things began rather messily. Wool had become attached to thread which had become attached to crochetted squares which in turn had become attached to more wool. Several balls had to be unwound before they could be rewound (which prompted the creation of the little ditty I started this post with…). I admittedly have a habit of not making sure that things are neat and organised before I pack them away.

Messy wool

What could have become a tedious task was made more interesting by my little helper, Edmund… Despite having his own ball of wool which I kindly donated to him, he of course preferred to explore the ones I was trying to roll up.

Eddie helping

Now, you might think that things couldn’t POSSIBLY get more exciting than they already were. However, you’d be wrong. Deep at the bottom of Drawer Number One, lurking in the depths of woolly offcuts and scraps of fabric, I found what can only be described as treasure… TEABAGS. FANCY TEABAGS.

I found TEA

Yes, fancy teabags.┬áDo I know what an oatflower is or what it does? Not a clue. I didn’t know that limes had flowers. But that’s not important. What is important is that treasure was found that day. Treasure which my thieving Edmund also seemed to enjoy…

Stealing tea

Treasure which I could enjoy once my woolyarnstringthread organisation task had been completed. I forget exactly how long it took, or how many times I became so frustrated with a particularly difficult knot that I just cut the damn thing out, but eventually I was finished. My drawers were once again beautiful, each ball contained in its own little space and able to be picked out and used without incident.

Finished wool

There is no telling how long this phenomenon will last, but I shall cherish it while it does!