The grand opening…!

Colours Shiny 2

Consider this post a representation of the cutting of a large ribbon with a ridiculously oversized pair of scissors as I unveil the grandest of grand openings – the opening of my Etsy shop. Huzzah!!

This is something I have been meaning to do for a long time now, but as it is new territory for me I didn’t really know the best way to do it. Of course various life-things also got in the way, and so it unfortunately got put on the back burner. Now, however, I have found the time to dedicate to it and so it is very much on the front burner!

My Etsy shop features some pieces of jewellery that I’ve handmade. I will be continuously adding to it, and of course there is the option there to have a personalised necklace made for you, so please do have a perusal and see if it takes your fancy! I am planning to also sell other handmade things (I love making crochetted blankets but have rather an abundance of them… I think they might be breeding…) which I will keep everyone posted about. I’m not sure if these will be sold through Etsy as well as the jewellery, or if I want to keep my Etsy shop specific to the jewellery and advertise my other makes and creations on here, but either way information shall be added soon!

Here is a little insight into the creation of this Etsy shop…

Although I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to set up the shop, it has taken me two days to list the items. This is mainly due to my hatred of photography. Just to be clear, I love looking at other people’s photographs and I have a huge respect for the skills, talent and patience of photographers. However, unfortunately, these are not skills or talents that I possess, and I’m not often described as patient. Therefore any endeavour to take good photos turns into a pretty large and complicated mission.

First of all, the brightest room in the flat is the kitchen. Large window, lots of light. Wonderful. However, in my naivety I didn’t realise that just because there are lots of lights doesn’t mean that good things will happen. Our small kitchen (London student flat) has 8 of them. Lights like shadows, and shadows like to ruin photographs. I spent the best part of one evening trying to figure out how to take a photo on the kitchen table without it looking like I have 8 hands. This was largely unsuccessful, and I didn’t get a single decent photo. Instead of realising that the 8 lights were the problem, I decided that the issue was that it wasn’t light enough outside, and if I waited until the next day and tried in the morning my 8 hands would magically disappear. They did not.

I then thought that I would try using my bedroom, which has only 3 lights. Unfortunately, these 3 lights are spotlights so the light is very uneven. Possibly it would have been better if I hadn’t broken one of the lights completely by trying to swivel it round by tapping (hitting…) it with the handle of our broom, but retrospect is a wonderful thing.


Anyway, after deciding that I would use my chair as my photographing area, I draped it in tissue paper and took the camera to it. Definitely better than the kitchen, I no longer had 8 hands, but I needed to find a way to hang the jewellery so they were propped up rather than sitting flat.
The end result of this journey of multiplying hands and spotlights was, indeed, that I got the photos I wanted. However, it required me to be drilling cocktail-stick-sized holes in my chair at midnight.


The landlord won’t mind, right? All in the name of art and all that?

In case you’ve read all the way to the bottom and forgotten about visiting my shiny new Etsy shop, here is the link again!